YiChuan Machinery

Device Function

The machine can realize  simultaneously 2-6P 1-5 wires and cable lines or hit the other end of the terminal end of the twisted wire soldering or semi-stripping and other functions.

Equipment Featurs

1. The machine uses a dedicated SBC developed with the servo motor control, so that cable, beating terminal,wetting and other locations more accurate and stable.

2.The pneumatic components used are impoted brands,making equipment more durable and smooth.

3. using a full PC-style digital adjustment, making it more rapid and efficient to replace product.

4.all other requiremens can be equipped according to customer

Function Parameter

1.Power:AC220V 50/60HZ


3.The pressure focused on:1.5T/can be customized according to customer requirements.

4.producction efficiency:1200pcs/h *N(N= the numbers of electric wires, length within 200mm)

5.wire processing length:10mm-550mm, tangential cut length precision1mm+0.1*. other lengths can be customized

6.Stripping Length:ends0mm-12mm other lengths can be customized

7.wire specificationwire AWG16-AWG22 or AWG22-AWG30,other specifications can be customized.

8.the air pressure:4.5-6kgf(need to use clean air)

9. Put Line means:According to customer product line with normal playback devices,other special requirements can be customized.

10. the detection device: Pressure testing, without wires,tie detection.including projecting portions. presence or absence of the terminal crimping detection

11. the device size:1600*600*1600mm

12. Weight:300KG