YiChuan Machinery

Device Function

The machine can realize one end of wire beat terminal and the other end twist and wet or semi-stripping.

Equipment Featurs

1. The machine uses programmable PLC, with servo motor control used on major moving parts.make line feeding ,stripping,beating terminal,wetting more accurately.

2.The design is simple, compact, and practical.

3. using a full PC-style digital adjustment, making it more rapid and efficient to replace product.

4.all other requiremens can be equipped according to customer

Function Parameter

1.Power:AC220V 50/60HZ


3.Pressure Force:1.5T/ adjustable

4.producction efficiency:3000pcs(Wire length within 200mm)

5.wire length:30mm-9999mm, tolerance<1mm+tangential cut length*0.1

6.strippng length:double ends 0mm-12mm

7.available wire spec:AWG14-AWG22 or AWG22-AWG30, other spes can be customized.

8.the air pressure:4.5-6kgf(need to use clean air)

9. the device size:1200*700*1500mm including protruding parts.


11.Pressure sensor:Optional according to customer's request.

12.feeding device:equip normal feeding device. adjustable according to customer's request

13.detection device:prssure detection,tie detection, wire and terminal adsecce detection.