YiChuan Machinery

Device Function

The machine can realize sinle or multiple tape wounding and tighting wire or other round products.

Equipment Featurs

1. The machine uses SBC and full stepper motor control

2.The design is simple, compact, and practical.

3. using a full PC-style digital adjustment, making it more rapid and efficient to replace product.

4.all other requiremens can be equipped according to customer

Function Parameter

1.Power:AC220V 50/60HZ


3.producction efficiency:1000pcs(depending on operator speed)

4.available range: outer dia2-5mm, 5-8mm, -15mm

5.tape material:PVC,PET,Fiber, cloth, paper and so on.

6.the air pressure:4.5-6kgf(need to use clean air)

7. the device size:300*360*260mm excluding protruding parts.

8. Weight:30KG